Upcoming – october / december 2012

What is flowing in the coming months – dates are listed at the end of the post.

Probably what I’m most excited about is to perform at the first Tokyo Sound Poetry Festival in november, it will be my first time in Japan, and I’m thrilled to have been invited and to perform in such enticing company – Tomomi Adachi – Leevi Lehto – Jörg Piringer.  Here’s a link to the website of the Naya collective, there you can find full schedule, bio’s and more: http://www.purple.dti.ne.jp/naya/SPF/en.html

Further there are two children’s productions that I’ve made this year that continue their tour through Flanders:

Als de klok dúmdi rumdi dú tikt (When the clock ticks dúmdi rumdi dú)

A piece based on Das Wohl Temperierte Klavier (1722-1742), by J.S. Bach. A selection of fugue’s and preludes form the wheels and spirals that drive the mechanism of a piece that is like a music box. Strange characters emerge from the clavichord and find themselves in weird situations.  These were inspired by the sometimes funny, sometimes strange rimes written by Ebenezer Prout (1835-1909), an English music theorist and composer, to accompany each one of the 48 fugues as a memory aid.

The characters find themselves in the mechanism of the music, a wondrous universe where the distinction between who is generating what becomes blurred. Does the music drive the characters? Or do they turn the wheels that propel the music into the space. Or is there something else that tinkers with the mechanics? And the Clock continues to tick… dúmdi rumdi dú…

Clavichord: Dimos De Beun / Technicians: Brecht Beuselinck, Koen Goossens / Video: Thomas Gerard / Direction and Concept: Maja Jantar / Production of Jeugd en Muziek Flanders:

Er was eens… (Once upon a time…)

Is a pastiche opera with aria’s by Puccini, Menotti, Tschaikowsky and Bizet, a fairytale, where Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, a hunter and a prince, one day find themselves  in a magical forest outside of their own story. Bits and pieces of their tales can be found here and there, scattered in the woods, will they find their way back – or will they create a new story of their own.

Cinderella: Noémie Schellens / Little Red Riding Hood: Mieke Segers / Snowwhite: Nathalie Denyft / a Prince: Jonathan Raman / a Hunter: Frans Novak /a Voice: Piet Vansichen / Piano: Wilko Jordens / Direction and concept: Maja Jantar / Production of Zomeropera Alden Biesen

One more thing I’m looking forward to is a workshop that I’ll teach together with Philip Meersman for Matrix vzw. We will be exploring the ear opening world of John Cage together with a group of children (8 to 12 years old.)

Further of course there are a couple of projects in preparation of which I’d like to mention Kaba, a new piece for two voices and violin, together with Ana Naqe, and Double Voix a piece for Platform K and Koor en Stem, where i get to explore vocal possibilities with a group of enthusiasts with various disabilities – more about that soon.


28 October: Er was eens… in Minnepoort CC Leuven

28 October: Als de klok dúmdi rumdi dú tikt in @Cc De Kruisboog, Tienen

29, 30, 31 October: Matrix workshop with Philip Meersman

7, 8 November: Tokyo Sound Poetry Festival at Asahi Art Square (1-23-1,Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

16 November: Er was eens… in Fakkeltheater, Antwerpen

18 November: Er was eens… in Fakkeltheater, Antwerpen

20 November: Er was eens… in CC Aartselaar

21 November: Er was eens… in CC Aartselaar


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