Update – fall / winter 2014

“This winter / spring passed by as fast as red ink dries – writing this, i’m sitting in my garden that only, what seems weeks ago was barren after a rough winter – and now has jumped to early summer glory.

Before elaborating on what is yet to come, i’d like to take pause with what has passed, and entered my life.

On the 26th of january my daughter Kaira Lind Ásgeirsdóttir was born – the moment she was born the snow turned to rain and the sun came out – she’s been the sun in our lives ever since and has been accompanying me on all my travels – already a nomad at heart.”

This i wrote spring 2013 – since then, more then a year has passed… time has warped me into NOW – it’s been one of those moments in life where everything goes super fast and super slow all at once – this kind of slow motion roller coaster where you hear your voice brake out in a distorted low RRRROOOAAAAHH. So many beautiful encounters, having my daughter travel with me for performances, productions, workshops, brought beauty, joy and of course… sleep deprivation and tiredness.

But enough about that, i’m not gonna recount all that has happened since 2013 (check out bio for a shortened recap) What i’m excited about is all that is still to come!

HERE NORTH WROTE [17 september – 30 september]Völva

First up is a residency with my longtime treasured collaborator Angela Rawlings in the North of Iceland. Together with Elsa Lefebvre and Philip Vormwald we will create site specific work at an old Herring Factory, part of an art centre called Verksmiðjan in Hjalteyri. Looking forward to playing, collaborating, stunning nature and a chance to expand the duo work with Angela that we’ve been developing since 2010. Vö|va is the name to remember… but more about that in a separate post.

THE UNDERGROUND POETRY FEST [19 – 21 september]10609531_10152645300325309_4669262279751445598_n

The Underground Poetry Fest is an experimental poetry festival organised by Philip Meersman which celebrates different experimental forms of poetry like visual poetry, sound poetry and performance poetry. It will highlight the international exchanges between (experimental) poets and will present the following publications by the New York publisher Three Rooms Press: “This Is Belgian Chocolate” and Maintenant #8, A Contemporary Dada Art & Literary Journal. I’ll join the Fest through skype from Iceland, and have left a mysterious box with tools for poetry making for the curious to work with and discover where poetry comes from…

ALS JE SLAAPT [5, 6, 12, 13 october]WP_20140106_006

My magical music theater production for children from 3 to 99 will have a rerun this fall. The moon lady will wake, sing, snore, cry – the fellows will play and steal the moon… with Wu-Chia Fen, Dirk Moelants and Dimos de Beun, coproduction with Jeugd en Muziek Vlaanderen and the Opera of Flanders

5 – 6 october at the Flemish Opera in Gent

12 – 13 october at the Flemish Opera in Antwerp

KONINGSKIND [26 oktober, 16 november, 8 february, more to be confirmed]c69de804-f76a-4671-89c5-cc32bfbba1dc_koningskind_LOW

I’ll be joining Dimos de Beun and Annelies Decock for a musical play for children from 2,5 years on. It’s a piece based on music by Jean-Baptiste Lully and it playfully makes the children discover the world of king Louie XIV, baroque music, and it’s instruments, the game between sound and silence. Direction Alexandra Aerts.

Performances will take place in:

26 oktober in Roeselare (CC DE SPIL) 16u
4 november in Lommel (CC De Adelberg) 11:00, 13:00, 14:50
16 november in AMUZ Antwerpen (15u and 16.30u)
8 february in Knokke Heist (CC SCHARPOORD) 15u

KAKANIA [25 november]DSC05210

Next up is a performance at the Rich Mix Art Centre in London. It’s a truly inspiring event organized by Steven Fowler “a unique celebration of the explosive intellectual and artistic culture of Habsburg Austria 100 years ago through brand new contemporary commissions from leading lights in London’s poetry and art scene.The tumult of early 20th century Austria reshaped culture forever through the outpouring and intermingling of titanic figures like Freud, Klimt, Musil, Schnitzler, Zweig, Mahler, Wittgenstein, Schiele and many, endless others. In this night of performance, literature, poetry and art, a groundbreaking artist from our own tumultuous city will call back against or in celebration of, one of these great figures. Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.” Steven asked me to create new work based on one of these great historical figeres, and we agreed on Lou Andreas Salomé… looking forward to exploring and creating from this premiss.

ONTDEK ME ALIES [27 – 28 december]alies5

This is very special project, the Symphony Orchestra of Flanders came to Benjamien Lycke (composer) Mirjam de Wit (educator) and me (in my capacity as a director and visual artist) to create a new concept for a symphony orchestra concert – and we did. In our hands the orchestra will become Alice, from Alice in Wonderland – it will shrink, expand, play games and more… EXPLORE ME Alice

Performances at the Singel, Antwerp, and Concertgebouw Brugge


Info about ongoing projects i’ll share in seperate posts, Vincent Tholomé and I have been busy, that i can tell you already.





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