Glær is part of the trillogy: Weiss – REaD – Glær. It’s an exploration of transparency, of voice, of voice conduction, of how voice can be manipulated by something external. Glær has several aspects, one of them is a collaboration with Kristof Lauwers, composer for the robot orchestra of Logos, Ghent, creator of electronic music using self programmed software patches. Here, the voice is transformed digitally in various ways, using the theremin. The idea came from the love of this instrument, and a vision of it producing different sounds. So i thought why can’t it be used to manipulate my voice… and after a talk with Kristof it seemed possible.  Glær functions in a interactive way: i won’t know what effect Kristof will send to the theremin – but will improvise on what comes and change the parameters of the effect through the theremin. Kristof will of course pick and combine effects depending on how i improvise, this way we create an instant composition together. The video below, was our first performance, spring 2013, at Komkommertijd, Ghent.

What is nice to see is that this collaboration has inspired other artists to create. David C. Montgomery and Asim K. made this delicate video using our sound:

A whole other aspect of Glær is my dream of creating a glass installation of domes that will resonate at different frequencies of the voice. The idea would be to thus brake up the spectrum of the voice and spread it out in the space, giving the performer the possibility to manipulate the resonance to sound from different points in the location. It’s a project that started in 2011 in collaboration with the glass atelier of the art school St. Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. Up until the present i’m still only in the research phase. Looking for funding and locations to develop this project further.



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