Upcoming Spring 2016

This year has taken off with a flight – apart from lending my voice to other artists – Michael Valdez for his screaming falcon piece, Phil Maggi for his album ANIMALWRATH, where amongst other things I worked on a cover of Nico’s song ‘Evening of Light’ – I’ve finally started shaping my first serious solo release. Together with Brecht Beuselinck we are recording and building something I know we will be proud off – it’s a slow process – but it will be worth it – between sound, song and text – our own universe.

A beautiful residency with Vincent Tholomé at the Abatoirs de Bomel in Namur got Vincent and me into creating lots of new work – we worked on his new Typoscript – Le grand Frimas – we made music with metal boxes, feedback and an electronic Kalimba – I drew red lines – we had an exhibit at the little Smart gallery in Namur – well – it was loads of fun! More on the residency here. More on the metal boxes here.

There were also a few performances – Kraak and De Player organised two evenings – one at the Beursschouwburg Brussels, one at De Player in Rotterdam, called BRAUBLFF 5, with a beautiful line up centred around Gerhard Rühm. It was a joy to see him and Monika Lichtenfeld perform! – Inge van den Kroonenberg and me worked with Ben Vida on his piece ‘Slipping Controle’ inspiring collaboration! Waves Wash over the Signal of the Incoming Train with Nathalie Alessi also had a few shows, and I got the chance to play at the Parasol Unit in London – in the new series Praxis organised by Simon Pomery.

And last but not least LUNALIA has been occupying part of my nights – moon soundings with brilliant collaborators Sharon Gal – Simon Pomery – Helene Bracke – Jelle Meander and more to come, since this project is ongoing throughout the whole year.

Now for what is still to come!

On the 23d of April  Marie Bogaert and i will perform / whisper/enchant with Sibylaria at Bos! – Festival of Flanders Kortrijk.

On the 8th of May Tomomi Adachi and i will perform at Spektrum in Berlin.

On the 9th of May Kakania debuts in Berlin, with six new literary performance commissions from contemporary artists, each of whom will present a work that celebrates / responds to a figure from the Habsburg era. Organised by the wonderful Steven Fowler, it will be a joy to show the work on Lou Andreas Salomé there. kakania berlin

On 13, 14, 15 and 20, 21, 22 May you will find me at the river Maas – in a Landscape opera – Sonic Landscape piece organised by the organisation Ragen ‘De Grensmaas vertelt‘. I’ll be creating a new solo piece in this context and perform a new piece by Dutch composer Pé Ox – for voice and brass quartet.LandschapsoperaMore on Summer and Autumn plans later!








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