Vö|va is Angela Rawlings and Maja Jantar  –

Vö|va is Angela and Maja fusing their individual artistic practices into collective –

Vö|va is poetry – installation – performance – music – theater – opera …

Our projects are multidisciplinary.

We voice commitment to visual and sound poetries, contact and vocal improvisations, and esoteric art forms that champion intuition and traditional knowledges.

Our name is adopted from the Icelandic word for prophetess or seer.

In april 2018 we created a new performance where we combined the ritual of the tides and the moon with vocal sounding, ceramics, video and electronics. This was at the LUNALIA music Festival in Mechelen, Belgium – a festival that borrowed our LUNALIA name to connect to the history of Mechelen, and the power of the moon, and the voice.



(c) Angela Rawlings


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