[Brief] Encounter


(c) Jean-François Flamey – Abattoirs de Bomel Namur

Brief Encounter / Brève rencontre, is a collaborative performance with Vincent Tholomé. It’s a kind of ‘pas de deux’ – but with text, voices, objects that create sound, with furniture…
It is a sound fiction – it explores the fantasy of a man and a woman, unknown to each other, that have to, through circumstances, share a motel room for the night. There is no sexual attraction between them – but there is the ‘dream machine’ – the fantasy, the ‘what if’. The two voices have very different ways of approaching this – the man, direct, or through little notes, the woman more meditative in an alternate reality, talking of travel lists, the moon, the sounds…

The performance stretches from fully improvised ‘encounters’ to completely written out parts, the man and woman exist in their own worlds, not acknowledging each others reality or phantasm. I draw from improvised texts, created during the Lunalia recordings, Vincent from his recent manuscripts. We are very much looking forward to elaborating this performance further during our residency at Rhizome in Quebec in the fall of 2017.

Here you can see a live version of Brief Encounter at the Marché de la Poésie in Namur, during our residency at Abattoirs de Bomel.

Here is a version of Brief Encounter during the Écritures Transatlantiques 2016, Namur.


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