a[R]mour – a study in [MUR]

aRmour as in amour, love, a state of heightened awareness, an emotion felt for others, a state of connection.

aRmour as in armor, a protective layer warn close to the body, a protective shield imitating the bodies of other organics, a scale like structure created to not be penetrated.

MUR as in murmur, a soft whispering, a multitude of voices, undistinguishable; MUR as in murmuration, a migration, a transit of birds grouped closely together creating patterns in the sky.

MUR for Murrha, Mirra, Myrrha… mother of Adonis, turned to Myrrh tree, transformation, metamorphose, mutation for the sake of protection.

This installation consists of multiple modules that make it adaptable to various locations.

[ ceramic ] [ sound ] [ performance ] [ video ]


22181452_10154996469228997_143114993315041362_o - Copy

The ceramics part consists of a contrast of a hot pink glazed ceramic body, that has been so sculpted that it can fit a performer, or be a stand alone exhibit piece, covered with smoke fired (Raku) ceramic pieces, scale like, miniature landscapes, the marks of the hands that sculpted them still visible. The fragility of the material reflecting the brittleness of the armor that we create around ourselves, the use of clay metaphorically as protective element, as it has been used in covering the cut wounds of trees to prevent infections.



The sound part of the installation is based on the text from Hoagy Carmichael’s song ‘stardust’ a song about a memory – the memory of a love song. The soundpiece will weave fragments of the text together, spoken by many voices – the audience will be invited to add theirs, creating an ever changing sound field of MURmur, a murMURation of voices.



A live performance interacting with the soundscape can be added to the installation, where one or more of the ceramic pieces is worn and interacts with the body of the performer.



Poetic images of textures, of the ceramic aRmour, of the process, skin, text, can be shown  together with the ceramic piece – in a darkened space.  The projection can be set up over two walls, with multiple projectors. The sound becoming prominent, the sculpture partially lit.



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