Petrichor – a Lit[h]any for Rain

Petrichor condensed at the Sounding Paths Residency on Ano Syros in the summer of 2019. It came from a desire to connect with the sounds of stones and pebbles, a longing to explore what it is like to crave the rain, to wait for, to make ritual for rain. How it would be like, in... Continue Reading →

Song of [Y]

Song of [Y] is a video / sound composition based on the sounds recorded during the fermentation process of wine. As the fermentation takes on, the yeast breaks down the sugars and turns them into alcohol and Co2 - the Co2 pushes out the air through the airlock - the airlock resonates in the vat... Continue Reading →

a[R]mour – a study in [MUR]

aRmour as in amour, love, a state of heightened awareness, an emotion felt for others, a state of connection. aRmour as in armor, a protective layer warn close to the body, a protective shield imitating the bodies of other organics, a scale like structure created to not be penetrated. MUR as in murmur, a soft... Continue Reading →

[Brief] Encounter

Brief Encounter / Brève rencontre, is a collaborative performance with Vincent Tholomé. It's a kind of 'pas de deux' - but with text, voices, objects that create sound, with furniture... It is a sound fiction - it explores the fantasy of a man and a woman, unknown to each other, that have to, through circumstances, share... Continue Reading →


Oper[attic] Opera... the upper attic - addic(-tion) - 'opera' as in work, life work -  the one place, (the attic) where all the media / the work comes together - my art historic training - having been submerged in the opera world for most of my teens and twenties through my mothers opera work -... Continue Reading →


Vö|va is Angela Rawlings and Maja Jantar  - Vö|va is Angela and Maja fusing their individual artistic practices into collective - Vö|va is poetry - installation - performance - music - theater - opera ... Our projects are multidisciplinary. We voice commitment to visual and sound poetries, contact and vocal improvisations, and esoteric art forms that... Continue Reading →

Ex[e/o]rcise the Unseen

exorcise the unseen - exercise the unseen is an excerpt taken out of the tall stack of notebooks i've been keeping since my late teens. I've written some of these fragments on strips of paper, and they serve as a handy improvisational tool during performances, but they also started to lead a life of their own.... Continue Reading →


For the last four years I've been working with the Symphony Orchestra of Flanders to create new concepts for their family concerts in december. In 2014 we created 'Ontdek me, Alies' a concept where the orchestra became the actor of the story - they were Alice, from Alice in wonderland, and the wonderland was the land... Continue Reading →


[RE] as in again, as in repeatedly, as in revisited, regained, [RED] as in coral, roses, lips, cheeks, blood thyme, life force, signal, string, [VERB] as in words, text, language, speech, structure, [TE] as in you, yours, making you reverberate, resonate, resound [VERTEBRAE] as in backbone, skeleton, structure, organic, flexible, small parts making a whole,... Continue Reading →


Hallveig Ágústsdóttir is an Icelandic visual and sound artist living in Ghent, Belgium, we met in 2010 and have longed for a collaboration together ever since. Beginning of september 2014 we finally took our first steps towards the exploration our mutual worlds: sounds - organic materials - paper - silence - rhythm -intensity, the delicate... Continue Reading →


REaD is part of a trillogy: Weiss – REaD – Glær. It was born from a RED line that was rEAd and other elements that got ADded to it, creating: REaD. It can be performed solo, in duo, or collectively. It can take the shape of a reading, a performance, an exhibition, an installation. It... Continue Reading →


Glær is part of the trillogy: Weiss - REaD - Glær. It's an exploration of transparency, of voice, of voice conduction, of how voice can be manipulated by something external. Glær has several aspects, one of them is a collaboration with Kristof Lauwers, composer for the robot orchestra of Logos, Ghent, creator of electronic music... Continue Reading →


Sybil[aria] murmurs - mumbles - whispers - song - an oracle Sybil[aria] as in Sybilla meaning prophetess and aria - air - luft - sound - being transported by means of breath. she:  “with frenzied mouth utters things not to be laughed at, unadorned and unperfumed, yet reaching to a thousand years with her voice....”... Continue Reading →


LUNALIA, lunalala, lunala, lunal, luna, la lune. luna: as in moon, tree, moth. alia: almost as in non-normative forms of speech. maja jantar is and so is a.rawlings predictive, predicative During the course of one full moon cycle angela rawlings and maja jantar mumbled - murmured - sighed - screamed - sung - whispered -... Continue Reading →

Waves wAsh oVer thE Signal

   Nathalie Alessi: musician Maja Jantar: voice / video / scenography The waves wash over the signal of the incoming train is a project based on Skrjabin’s preludes Op.11. It has taken shape during our artistic residency at the Centro Studi per le Arti e le Lettere di Bogliasco. Skrjabin lived in Bogliasco for almost... Continue Reading →


Weiss is a variable and multi-applicable concept in voice, text, image and performance. Weiss can be called an instant composition alternating between different media, making use of video footage between documentary and abstraction, but also playing with the different aspects of voice and the physical presence of the performer. This project can be placed in... Continue Reading →

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