Ex[e/o]rcise the Unseen

exorcise the unseen – exercise the unseen is an excerpt taken out of the tall stack of notebooks i’ve been keeping since my late teens. I’ve written some of these fragments on strips of paper, and they serve as a handy improvisational tool during performances, but they also started to lead a life of their own. I now use them as subtitles for objects, or as an object initself.  The exhibition at SecondRoom, Ghent, 2016, curated by Florian Kiniques gave me a first opportunity to exlore this. These simple strips of paper, with red ink writing, can be connected to REaD and the red line drawings I make, since the writing becomes a line on its own.


exorcise the unseen – exercise the unseen, has though become a hook for a few pieces that in one way or another deal with perception, be it perspective, be it imagination. ‘territory’ uses contact lenses as canvas for words, exploring how we see / perceive land and it’s ownership.


This work also led to the creation of a few facial mask tracings, filled out with words relating to land – flooding in the contours with “storm evacuation, stadia, relief, trilateration, flood plain, upland, meanderable…” or “geographical face, establishing correct relation, gravity, of obtaining reliable measurements….” On top of these word maps a blueprint self portrait was made.

exercise the unseen – exorcise the unseen has become a way of  looking at things, of trying to make visible, or point out, what is sometimes overseen.


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