reAd / [La Conquête du Pays Ugogo]

reAd is part of the trillogy Weiss – reAd – Glær. It was born from a RED line that was read and other elements that got ADded to it creating reAd.30883_400836603996_7255502_n 30883_400836503996_6402091_n It can be performed solo, in duo, or collectively. It can take the shape of a reading, a performance, an exhibition, an installation. It can exist in bookform, as a drawing, as a score. It is ever changing and open to new influences. WP_20140606_005
reAd is also La Conquête du Pays Ugogo, a collaboration with Vincent Tholomé, a performance, an installation. In 2013 Vincent and i got asked by Général Instin to create something visual, a poster for the Général Instin Festival. We did, we fused the red line with a text Vincent was writing at that time – the red line served as a map, a landscape into which the text cradled itself.  We sent it by post to Paris, but the postal service lost it for a few weeks, and it ended up arriving one day after the festival had finished. So it lay there in a drawer for a year, but then got dusted off, and served as a theme for the 2014 Général Instin festivalWP_20140606_002 Here Vincent and i performed La Conquête du Pays Ugogo for the first time, fusing both the line, sounds from a metal box, our voices and our texts. The video below, combines the sound from the Paris performance with a video of sparrow shot in Brighton a few years ago. It’s a rough recording, echoed in the grainy texture of the video.

This is only the beginning – Vincent and i will explore further, will venture into the core of the pays Ugogo, the land of Ugogo, will browse the borders, the rivers, the sounds, and the language. 36386_405180508996_187461_n 34027_405180413996_1919697_nWill make it’s land resonate, vibrate, tremble.

I’ll end this post with a text fragment from the text part of reAd – [La Conquète du Pays Ugogo].

rock – stem – sharp – stoom – steam – water – vatn –

sharp brittle gray
scented mossy grrr
purrrr cracked filled steamy sounding
hiding nightly falling lightend woodlingd sleeping rocked bound breating fogged

language of rock

les processus du corps

worlds unfurning inside

destitute of colour


how long is the story?
5 days wide and 3 nights deep


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